About RedDot

Red Dot LED Lighting Limited is aprofessional LED red light therapy devices manufacturer in China, we have been focused on high power LED lighting fixtures since 2008. Our factory is located in Shenzhen China, covering an area of more than 2500 square meters.

We committed to research, manufacture, sale professional infrared and red light therapy panels

We already got many patents and quality certificate on products. led light therapy widely use for home therapy, gym therapy, etc. products already exported to USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Uk, Germany, Switzerland, Australia etc. countries.

we have a strong research and engineer team, who are with more than 10 years experience in led red light therapy and spectrum light industry, that’s why we can provide the higher efficiency and the longer lifespan red therapy light for my customers, and also provide oem and odm service to customers in a fast way.

in the meanwhile, we have a far-sighted management team and meeting the market demand, providing the right products and the best service to customers.


Qualification certificate

Factory Advantage

red light therapy production-line


10 years of professional custom space matching products

red light therapy product-test


Focus on product quality, product quality inspection rate of 100%.

red therapy light company office


Focus on product sales, customer quality feedback to establish files, tracking services.

Company Strength

Product assembly

Factory environment

Product assembly

Factory environment

Product line

Factory environment


Factory environment


Factory environment


red therapy light engineer

Product development

Engineer is designing product

products test

Product quality inspection

Rigorous product testing

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Product transportation

Container shipping to the USA